Company Profile

Phil Strenkowski

President of PSC Security, Inc.

Mr. Strenkowski has twenty years of service with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Being a four time Karate Medalist in the California Police Olympics and having an expertise in police training, detective units, under-cover assignments, police tactics and procedures allow Mr. Strenkowski to keep his clients at ease and maintain excellent liaisons with local law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Strenkowski has received many awards from various agencies for his off-duty philanthropic pursuits:
• Founder of “Code 3 for Kids” raising funds for homeless children
• Recipient of LA County Sheriff’s Award “Exemplary Service Award”
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• Recipient of International Footprint Association “Meritorious Award for Service to Los Angeles County”
• Recipient of LA County Board of Supervisors “Commitment to Law Enforcement and Youth Award”

Mr. Strenkowski trained at the Executive Protection Institute in Berryville, VA. High profile celebrities contract him to protect them at their homes and while they travel. The utmost discretion is provided at all times to ensure confidentiality. International dignitaries needing Executive Protection Specialists and Bodyguards have also called upon Mr. Strenkowski to protect them and their families while in Southern California. Many corporations have recognized Mr. Strenkowski’s professional talents and have asked him for assistance with workplace violence issues.

Ernest Haleck

Director of Threat Assesment and Special Events

Mr. Haleck has thirty years of serivce with the Los Angeles Police Department. His experience at protecting U.S. Presidents and supervising high profile events compliments our high standards and our ability to provide superior Executive Protection services to individuals and events.

  • Retired Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT Sergeant, November 2008
  • Protection of Presidents of the United StatesPrime Minister of Israel and other Heads of State by developing LAPD procedures in support of Secret Service, Israeli Military and other agencies
  • 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Salt Lake City, Utah. Trainer and advisor of police personnel
  • Academy Awards, Overall security planner and supervisor of police personnel at this and other high profile events
  • Authored numerous LAPD policies for crowd management, firearms and security procedures
  • Provided security assessments for protection of witnesses/crime victims, police deployment at events and venues, businesses and personal residences
  • Reviewed and approved LAPD high-risk police operations
  • LAPD Senior Firearm Instructor

Consultant For:

1) Int’l Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

2) United States Marine Corp, Camp Pendleton

3) United States Department of Energy

4) Int’l Assoc. of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

5) National Tactical Officers Association

6) Law Enforcement Advanced Development