Workplace Violence Prevention Training in Oxnard

Oxnard California based companies are taking workplace violence and workplace violence training programs seriously. As workplace violence becomes more and more of a problem for Oxnard’s companies, top executives are fast realizing an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of legal cure. We here at PSC Security have extensive law enforcement backgrounds and can train you in the requirements of written policies and can come to your local Oxnard business to train you. There is no substitute to a good workplace violence prevention program.

We serve all locations in Southern California including Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxnard, Simi Valley, South Valley, Van Nuys, Whittier, Fullerton, Long Beach, Anaheim, San Pedro, Huntington Beach, and everywhere in-between.

  • We will teach you the “red flags” and how to respond to them.
  • We will discuss required written policies and enforcement. You will be shown how effective an Employee Assistance Program can be in preventing workplace violence.
  • Part of our comprehensive program involves training on how to survive an active shooter scenario.
  • All of our instructors have extensive law enforcement backgrounds and offer real life experience for survival situations.


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